Application field

  • shore power supply
  • Intermediate frequency power supply
  • All-in-one stabilizer for broadcast station
  • Stabilizer for medical equipment
  • Power test equipment

High-power shore power supply for terminal power supply

Shore power supply, that is, shore variable frequency power supply, regulated power supply, transformer, etc., can be used for various types of equipment to provide different voltages and frequencies. It is a high-power variable-frequency power supply equipment specially designed and manufactured for the harsh environment such as high temperature, high humidity, high corrosiveness and heavy load impact on ships and shore terminals. All PCB circuit boards are coated and cured; the sinusoidal filter and output transformer are treated with integral vacuum impregnated insulating varnish and high temperature protective paint. They have high insulation level and protection capability; they are fully in line with CCS marine product certification of China Classification Society. standard. Widely used in ships, ships...

400hz intermediate frequency power supply for airport

The power frequency used on the aircraft is mostly an intermediate frequency such as 400HZ, in order to reduce the weight and volume of the equipment. However, IF ground power support is required when the aircraft needs maintenance and commissioning equipment on the ground. For this purpose, Nooyi has developed a 400HZ ground power supply for aviation, which can be used with DC DC power supply. The product can be customized for mobile car types to meet the needs of the field and special occasions. Small modular drawer types can also be customized to suit the use of laboratories and test centers.

A base station, that is, a public mobile communication base station, is a form of a radio station, and refers to a radio transceiver station that performs information transmission with a mobile telephone terminal through a mobile communication switching center in a certain radio coverage area. The construction of mobile communication base stations is an important part of the investment of mobile communication operators in China. The construction of mobile communication base stations is generally carried out around the elements of coverage, call quality, investment efficiency, construction difficulty and maintenance. With the development of mobile communication network services in the direction of data and packetization, the development trend of mobile communication base stations is bound to be broadband, large coverage construction and IP. Wireless network digital TV adopts digital TV technology to transmit TV programs through wireless transmission and terrestrial reception. Mobile digital TV is the application of wireless network digital TV system, and any mobile carrier such as bus and rail transit with receivers installed. You can see a clear TV picture

Modern hospitals use high-value, large-volume medical equipment, including CT, nuclear magnetic resonance, DR system, CR, power frequency X-ray machine, cart type B ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter, hyperbaric oxygen chamber , linear accelerators, etc.

Power test equipment for motors, home applicances, compressors, etc.

The voltages and frequencies of different countries in the world are different. The imported equipment export equipment is equipped with power conversion equipment, such as transformers and variable frequency power supplies, in order to meet the needs of the local power grid environment. Before exporting, it is necessary to test the parameter performance of the product according to the local grid environment. After the equipment is imported, it is necessary to adapt to the equipment and also need power conversion. Nooyi variable frequency power supply can adapt and simulate the grid environment of all countries in the world, providing standardized power supply.


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