Marine Shore Power Supply


1. Introduction

Shore Power Supply also SPS is a kind of frequency conversion power supply on shore.Its full name Electronic Static Shore Power Supply,designed large power device for conditions of high temperature,high moisture,high corrosion,large load pulse.All PCB circuit boards are coated,Sin filter and output transformer are coated with insulation paint and high-temperature protective paint.Wiht high IP level and insulation level.It is fully in accordance with CCS standard,it mainly used in ship,shore,and offshore drilling platform.It could change industrial 50HZ to high quality 60HZ to provide electricity to ship.
Character of environment protection,energy saving,low noise,easy management.Compared with motor,it could save above 20% power,and big noise,high cost,large loss,pollution,different maintenance are avoided.Users could real-time monitor the power supply.
Technical data are referred to that of frequency conversion power supply,Input voltage and output voltage could meet countries all over the world,and power range is 10KVA~2,000KVA