AC non-contact Voltage Regulator


1. Introduction

ZBW serie intelligent no-contact AC voltage stabilizer is new AC stabilized voltage supply researched and developed by ONEXT ELECTRIC, which meets high quality precision equipment’s special needs for power supply. It has the advantages as fast response, high stabilized voltage precision, no carbon brush, no contact, no machinery, maintenance-free, automatic balance of three-phase voltage, etc. It is the upgrade product of SBW series mechanical voltage stabilizer.

With CE certificate, SONCAP certificate, SARFT Network Access License and test certificate of State Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision, etc. It is broadly used in machine, medical equipment, printing equipment, radio and television communication system and other fields, and highly commended by customers.


2. Model designation


3. Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

ZBW series voltage stabilizer adopts large-screen LCD display, which can intuitively show the voltage, current and fault state, working way and other parameters. Stabilized voltage precision, output voltage and working way can be set through panel, and the operation is easy.